The 5 Most Popular Toyota cars in Kenya
The 5 Most Popular Toyota cars in Kenya

The 5 Most Popular Toyota cars in Kenya

July 17, 2022

In the 1930s, the Toyota automobile manufacturing corporation was founded. Since then, it has developed into a market leader in the creation and distribution of hybrid automobiles. One of the biggest businesses that have pushed mass marketplaces all over the world. They have opened automotive showrooms for their vehicles all around the world.

Many Kenyans consider owning a car to be a dream come true, and the Toyota Corporation has assisted many Kenyans in achieving this objective. Look at our parking lots and roadways if you think I’m lying. How do you fare? Your hunch is just as valid as mine. In Kenya, there is a proverb that goes, “There is always a Toyota automobile in front of you.” What does that indicate, then?

Toyota Probox

 Toyota Probox

It is a small, box-shaped commercial vehicle. Due to its reliable operation, adaptability, and superior safety features, this car is primarily used by business people in Kenya. The automobile has exceptional fuel efficiency. It has a 50-liter gasoline tank and a fuel consumption range of 15 to 18 km/l.

There are two engine choices for it: 1300cc and 1500cc. Both versions come with a choice of a 5-speed manual or a 4-speed automatic transmission. The 1500cc bike speeds from 0-100kn/h in 11.7 seconds compared to the 1300cc model’s 13 seconds.

As a commercial vehicle, you don’t or barely expect to be comfortable. Legroom is enough in the first seat, but the second row is very cramped and uncomfortable, especially for tall individuals. The boot space is rather large and is lined with waterproof plastic. To provide more room, you can expand the boot by folding the back seat.

Kenyans prefer used Probox cars because they are less expensive than brand-new ones. Toyota vehicles last a very long time since they are sturdy. Search for “used Toyota automobiles for sale in Kenya by owners” to locate one.

Toyota Fielder

Bacchus Motors - Toyota Fielder

One of Toyota’s best-selling car models is this one. With a fuel tank capacity of 50 Liters and a fuel consumption range of 15.0km/l to 18.0km/l, it is fuel-efficient.

The 1500cc and 1800cc engines for the automobile are both choices. Both grades are available in 2WD or 4WD and with either a manual or automatic transmission.

The 1500cc variant sprints from 0 to 100 km/h in 10.2 seconds, while the 1800cc model does so in 8.8 seconds.

Its interior is spacious, with enough legroom in the outer second-row seats and the front row. The second row’s middle seat, however, is a little confined.

Although the boot space is just average, the back seat may be folded to increase it.

The Toyota Fielder is a great vehicle for both work and family use. It is a well-liked Toyota vehicle in Kenya due to its high fuel efficiency and hauling capacity.

Toyota Harrier

Bacchus Motors - Toyota Harrier

You experience a smooth, quiet, and pleasant ride when driving a harrier. It’s the kind of ride you want to take home after a demanding day.

It makes a great family car because of its comfortable, opulent interior space.

The most recent model, which is now in its third generation, competes with the Nissan Murano, BMW X5, and VW Touareg.

The automobile is available with two hybrid engines, a 2000cc and a 2500cc, both mated to a 7-speed super CVT-i transmission. Both variants are additionally offered in 2WD or 4WD.

Its gasoline consumption ranges from 16.0 km/l to 21.8 km/l, and its 75-liter fuel tank can accommodate this usage.

The 2.5L vehicle accelerates from 0 to 100 km/h in 8.6 seconds, compared to the 2.0L variant’s 10 seconds.

If more room is required, the back seats can also be folded. Tall folks can sit on any row with plenty of legroom.

A touch screen entertainment system, Bluetooth connectivity, wireless Qi charging, and a panoramic sunroof are just a few of the goodies that go along with how luxurious it is.

Toyota Mark X

Bacchus Motors - Toyota Mark X

Like German automobiles, the car has a hint of elegance and refinement. It offers a plush interior with lots of legroom that is appropriate for people of all heights.

There are enough cabin storage spaces. Though the mark X boot is large and roomy, it is designed for little amounts of luggage.

It has a large base and consequently a low center of gravity therefore very stable. The replacement parts are easily accessible and reasonably priced.

The 2.5l 4GR V6 and the 3.5l 2GRV6 engines are the two possible choices for the vehicle.

It has a 71-liter fuel tank. The vehicle’s average fuel consumption is 10.2-12.9 km/l.

Toyota Vitz

Bacchus Motors - Toyota vitz

This car has had a major impact on the Toyota Kenya automotive market.

It is the kind of vehicle that satisfies the requirements of “common mwananchi.” It is cozy, reasonably priced, and fuel-effective. Despite its small size, these qualities have helped it succeed in the Kenyan market.

The automobile, which has been manufactured since 1999, is presently in its third iteration.

It has three different engine choices. They have a 42 Liter gasoline tank and are equipped with 1000cc, 1300cc, and 1500cc engines that are connected to either a 4-speed automatic or 5-speed manual transmission.

The fuel consumption ranges from 18.8 km/l to 20.8 km/l, depending on the engine power.

Additionally, the power of the engine affects acceleration. From 0-100 km/h, it takes 8.5 to 15.3 seconds.

The boot has enough room for large bags, but you may add extra stuff by folding the back seat.

Other options include fog lights, an adjustable steering wheel, a DVD player, and a navigation system.

Due to its low maintenance and fuel consumption costs, this car is ideal for those on a tight budget.

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