About us

Bacchus Motors is a privately owned and managed car dealership in Nairobi Kenya. It specializes in the sale of a wide range of cars.
We provide the very best customer service for our clients ranging from those who buy their first car to those who are looking for luxury vehicles in Nairobi.

Our company motto is “The customer comes first” and that is what we live and breathe by everyday.

We offer excellent client service as well as after-sales care that exceeds expectations, getting you back on the road quickly with peace of mind and confidence.
We also offer financial services including loans, leasing options, warranty plans, car trade-in options, vehicle inspections and more!
Have you been searching for the right car at an affordable price? Come have a look at Bacchus Motors and find your perfect match today!

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Welcome to Bacchus Motors. We are one of the leading car dealerships in Kenya. We offer a wide range of cars from different manufacturers like BMW, Audi, Toyota and many more. Come visit us for the most affordable prices!
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